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Robert (Rusty) P Turner


Dr Robert ‘Rusty’ P Turner is owner of Network Neurology Health LLC, an integrative neuroscience consulting practice based out of Charleston SC, providing consultative mentoring, promoting whole-person brain and physiologic health, EEG & QEEG interpretation, and inpatient pediatric neurology hospitalist consultative work in several states.

From 2013-2020, he owned Network Neurology LLC, a busy clinical neurology/neuromodulation practice performing neurological evaluations, treatments, and QEEG-guided neurofeedback.


As a neuroscientist with 35 years’ experience, Dr Turner is a skilled clinician trained in EEG, clinical neurophysiology, electrodiagnostic medicine, child/adult neurology, epilepsy, neuromuscular diseases, neurodevelopmental medicine, pediatrics, clinical research,
biostatistics, and epidemiology.

Dr Turner currently holds multiple academic, clinical, and research positions in South Carolina, Nebraska, Minnesota, and California. He completed internship and residency in pediatrics at UNMC in Nebraska, and completed two fellowships (in neurology and clinical neurophysiology) at MCV in Richmond VA, followed by both academic and private practices. Dr. Turner also has over 10 board and subspecialty certifications.

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