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About Us



As a center of excellence, our mission is to provide the highest standard of neuropsychological and psychological evaluation and treatment to individuals, couples and families from throughout the Inland Northwest.




As a center of excellence, our vision is to come together to evaluate and treat mental disorders, help manage life stressors and encourage healthy habits and relationships.




  • Understanding: The staff at Greenleaf honors and respects each individual that walks through our door. We are here to serve our clients and our understanding of the various aspects that may affect their day-to-day lives.

  • Reliability: At Greenleaf, we strive to be as reliable and available to our clients as possible. It is our goal to aide our clients and to do so, being consistent and dependable is key.

  • Atmosphere: Our open, inviting atmosphere is extremely intentional. We hope to create a stress-free environment as we welcome each individual to our office.

  • Caring: Each staff member at Greenleaf works as a team to ensure that each client is cared for and has their needs met. All of our staff members are selected because they accept and encourage our mission, vision and values.

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