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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Greenleaf Neuropsychology & Counseling provide?

At Greenleaf Neuropsychology & Counseling our treatment methods include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  We are able to provide male and female therapists if preferenced by the client.  The objectives of treatment are to assist patients in developing greater control over their lives by positively managing their thoughts and emotions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy objectives are to change thinking patterns in order to obtain positive goals in daily living.  


Neuropsychological/Psychological evaluations provide detailed information to best meet the needs of the client. This information provides for necessary administrative decision making regarding department services, inter-agency assistance, and available client resources. We are capable of providing a range of evaluation services to meet the needs of the agency and/or client.  It could be a brief mental status exam for the most complex neuropsychological exam. Our comprehensive evaluations of patients from ages 1 to 99 years address the following areas:  developmental, intellectual, basic academic, memory, executive function and decision making, brain processing speed, socio-emotional issues and socials skills, quantitative evaluations of brain damage, and neuropsychological evaluation of brain function.  The objective of the evaluation is to not only determine and quantify the individual’s deficits but to also highlight their assets.


Our office utilizes the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) recommended protocols. Only non-invasive techniques are utilized.  The NIH also recommends the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, relaxation exercises, sleep hygiene techniques, and self-hypnosis, which he has found to be an effective supplement in helping patients learn to manage their own bodies.  Other psychological services that are provided are:


  • Psychological/Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluation
  • Diagnostic Interviews
  • Individual Counseling

Where do you provide these services?

The Greenleaf Neuropsychology & Counseling staff conduct business from our offices at 3157 E. 17th Avenue, Spokane WA 99223.  Unless arranged in advance, all appointments would be at this location. 

What is the approach you use when supporting children and families?

The philosophy of this office is that if a child in a family has an issue, then the entire family has the issue.  We work with the child to understand and change behaviors based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and positive rewards systems.  We work with the adults in the family to understand the underlying issues and to understand that rewarding the child for positive behaviors is always better than physical or negative responses.  

What outcome measures do you utilize in your work with this population?

Outcome measures are determined by presenting problems.  Therapy is individually tailored based on the initial evaluation and presented as a Treatment Plan which includes presenting problems, goals, objectives, and therapy techniques to realize objectives.  Treatment plans include not only techniques to work with the identified patient but also include members of the patient’s support network. This may include family members and/or support providers.  After a period of time, re-evaluations offer quantitative and qualitative comparisons to the initial level of functioning.

What additional information would you like to share that may assist resource managers in developing a profile of your business and the types of services you provide?

Greenleaf Neuropsychology & Counseling pride in providing in-depth evaluations of each patient’s strengths and weaknesses.  In-depth evaluations allow for the most concise, cost-effective, and efficacious methods to provide services to each individual’s needs while utilizing the patient’s strengths and talents to assist in learning how to meet those needs. 


Our associates consist of Physicians, Doctoral level Psychologists, and Master’s level Psychometrists and Counselors, including a Master’s level Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is also a medical interpreter as well as a Licensed Federal Court Interpreter in Spanish.  With this level of talent, we can offer diagnostic evaluations, neuropsychological or psychological testing, and evaluations, individual therapy in Spanish, or provide a Spanish interpreter to our patients. 

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