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Counseling / Intakes

We work with children, adolescents, and adults. Currently, we provide in-person and Tele counseling services.


It is important to identify any problems or barriers that may be creating difficulty in achieving your goals. Greenleaf is here to offer our clients professional help in resolving any issues necessary.


At Greenleaf Psychology, Neuropsychology and Counseling, our multicultural staff and specialists offer many different therapeutic approaches in order to best fit your needs. We will work with your schedule when creating appointments with our counselors.


Our counseling services include:

- Individual counseling

- Consultations and recommendations


We welcome any questions you may have about the therapeutic process, and we encourage you to ask any of our staff for further information. Our staff offers many different treatment modalities (i.e. style of therapy) and you and your therapist will decide which is best for you.


There are many different reasons to seek counseling services. We provide psychological and neuropsychological evaluations and psychotherapy (counseling) treatment in the following areas:

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